Friday, February 10, 2017

Eating My Way Across the Countryside

Yep, that's my plan. To travel around Ohio and randomly eat at as many "mom and pop" cafes, restaurants, dairy bars, and barbeque pits as I can manage.

Not all in one day, of course! Certainly not all in one week or even one month!

There is no time frame, only ambition to do some "good eatin' out and about" and then write about the experience so that others might enjoy the great food and owners might gain customers!

What could be better?

I will start out with my own geographical region, southern Ohio, and my own surrounding counties. Then as time goes on I may branch out into other areas of the state and explore new places or revisit old favorites from my past as special features.

Why another blog? Well, I have always wanted to write about the "hidden gems of small dining" found in small towns, along back roads, and usually run by everyday small town people.

These came to be a part of my delightful experience of working out of my car doing a profession that took me all over the countryside on a daily basis.

I'd have to eat, right? And there they were!

Little restaurants on town squares or barbecue pits on road sides or ice cream stands in neighborhoods along the way.

All too irresistible and all just a "garden of delights" for the hungry traveler.

Pretty soon it was more than what was convenient out of the front of my windshield when lunch time came around. It became a hunt for new and nummy food stuffs in obscure little places off the beaten path.

It evolved into a fascination and an appreciation for good, basic grub, not ordinarily found, but delightfully discovered, purely by chance on Ohio's back roads.

In visiting these establishments I hope to offer a bit of a historical background, a bit of an owner profile, a description of the ambience of the place, some menu samples, and maybe even a featured item description (secret recipes? Maybe!)

Included will definitely be a photo or two, along with business hours,address,and "old school" driving directions.

So get your napkin, knife, and fork and get ready for coming eating attractions!